Christian Lacy
Christian Lacy

Christian Lacy is a distinguished biblical scholar specializing in
Old Testament theology. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lacy
discovered her passion for God at a young age she was
influenced by the rich spiritual tapestry of her first church,
Minneapolis Believers in Christ.
Renowned for her rigorous research and exceptional editing
skills, Lacy has devoted years to immersing herself in the Word
of God while actively assisting authors in their pursuit to educate
and assist them in their literary endeavors. She is highly regarded
for her ability to provide fresh insights into Holy scholarship.
Apart from her scholarly pursuits, Christian is a dedicated singer,
voracious reader, and avid runner. In addition to her editorial
work and the creation of study questions and journaling prompts,
she is currently engaged in producing an exegesis on the
captivity and restoration of the Israelites.

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