Apostle Lesa D. Manson
Apostle Lesa (Le Sa) Manson

About the Author: Apostle Lesa Manson, an esteemed alumna of Oral Roberts University and Eagles Nest Bible School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was granted her Ministerial license and ordination in 1994. Her ministry has since flourished in the realms of life coaching and private consulting, reflecting her deep commitment to personal and spiritual growth. A cornerstone of her work includes founding a mentorship program for the nonprofit organization “Breaking Free Inc.,” which underscores her dedication to empowering individuals through transformative relationships.

Additionally, her leadership roles have extended to campus pastoring with the Wesley Foundation in Oklahoma, where she nurtured the spiritual development of college students. Manson’s visionary spirit led to the establishment of El Elyon Outreach Ministry and Yeshua’s House of Bread, both of which serve as beacons of faith and community support.

Her passion for ministry is further demonstrated through her contributions to other ministries and individuals, guiding them towards enriching their spiritual connections.


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